Mt. Zion Eye Productions

Experienced professional videography, editing and animated graphics. Comfortable with Adobe Premiere, After Effects as well as Avid, Zion has an amazing creative palette of tools and a wealth of ideas to take your ideas to the next level.  Not only creating valuable content with experience in lighting and pristine video and audio acquisition, but also researching and creating a marketing plan and implementing it on multiple platforms to reach the audience you want and get the results you desire. Basically a whole ad agency in one person and for a fraction of the price, Mt. Zion Eye Productions will help you create the media you were hoping for!

From script-writing, target audience analysis and demographics, professional video and audio acquisition, editing, animated graphics, music production, as well as optimum placement on platforms, you can be sure you’re getting professional well-planned content.

Let’s bring your ideas to Life!

Mt. Zion Eye Productions

gives you quality video production

at a fraction of the price of larger ad agencies.