Saskia Mt. Zion

Saskia Mt. Zion AKA Zion graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Practice and Theory. She went on to live in Berlin, Germany and toured with bands, becoming involved with the reggae music, clubs, and art scenes of Europe. After traveling through the middle east and Africa, she lived in Texas and California and then moved back to her hometown of Milwaukee to be closer to family. She pursued her music career, delved deeper into the healing arts as a Reiki master and then went on to teach yoga, meditation, pilates, African dance, as well as restorative yoga until she was diagnosed with cancer in 2014. She then became a student again and started learning ashtanga yoga, various indigenous healing modalities, and researched alternative cancer treatments for years until she started reversing cancer in 2019. She has been steadily improving her health since then and went back to school in 2020 for Digital Media Production at MATC and graduated with honors and a 4.0 GPA. She worked as an intern with Milwaukee PBS for two years doing social media and working on local in-studio productions on camera, switcher, CG, prompter, as well as floor director. She is a mother of three beautiful humans and a lover of life.

Her international travels, rich emotional experiences, love of technology, wide variety of contacts, and eccentric view of life give her a broad spectrum of ideas to use as inspiration for her work. She thoroughly enjoys all things related to art, music, humanity, and healing.

Why Mt. Zion? Mt. Zion is the earthly paradise referred to in ancient texts. It is a utopian world with no disease, no poverty, no war. A humanitarian at heart, Saskia had a local reggae band for many years that was called Mt. Zion Roots. Zion is her artist name, but she also goes by Saskia.